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We’re glad you’re here checking things out and if you’ve already joined our community website that’s totally awesome!!  Here at kaz vs Wild we focus on the community aspect of Bushcraft, Prepping and Survival teaching and training. Individualism isn’t what we do here and we lead by example. Our goal is to build a strong, resourceful meeting place where like mined individuals can come together. As individuals we all bring something different to the table and when we bring those skills together there isn’t anything we can accomplish. Looking at the country today we all can see and know something isn’t right. Being proactive instead of reactive has its many advantages including safety in numbers. Our main focus is surviving a SHTF scenario, no matter what the crisis at hand is. However, without knowledge, training and building upon your skill set making it through the crisis is going to be difficult.

The purpose of Kaz vs Wild is to build up your skill set by doing, not just watching videos or reading books and articles. We encourage others to come out to a survival training camp to further along your skill set. We have a friendly atmosphere that drives confidence and  self-reliance. We empower and encourage attendees to assume an active role in the participation of the camp thus creating an enjoyable survival camp conducive to positive social interaction.

If you have any suggestions or comments good or bad regarding in any manner including bushcraft, prepping and survival topics, feel free to contact us by email at We are open to knowing your input and we’ll get back with you as quickly as possible. The goal of our community site is to build a strong knowledge based community with strong ties of friendship. During a crisis situation we will need to be organized together, to be a strong unit in the survival community.


Our NEW post office box!!
We are so excited to announce that we now have a post office box.
Please send your correspondence to:
44648 Mound Road, Shelter #150, Sterling Heights MI, 48314


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paypal donation button for kaz vs wildEvery donation to Kaz vs Wild is a donation to the survival community and we value your donation. We know you have many options when it comes to the dollars you invest. We view all of our donors as partners in building a strong community.  Your gift enables us to strengthen our partnerships with other bushcrafters, preppers and survivalists in the community. Kaz vs Wild and our survival community thank you for your support. PayPal, safe, secure, simple.



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