Edible and Medicinal Plants for beginners – How to get started

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Wouldn’t you like to be able to find nutritious, tasty, and healthy food for free most anywhere? I thought so 🙂

Plants such as dandelion and cattails are readily known as nutritious, easy to identify edible and/or medicinal plants. What about others..how about chickweed, plantain, clover, wood sorrel, and purple violets. Join NRS instructor Jennifer Caudill as she discusses how to get started and the resources she recommends.



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    One of the best books for wild edibles and medicinals is the Peterson Guides..also in your area you can go to your local horticultural research centers and they will have a list of the wild herbs found in your region or state. These list are very helpful in determining the area in which the herbs can be found. If you are unable to identify a plant the local HRC can help with identification. University’s are also very helpful. This is usually free information. Getting in touch with a local herb club is also a plus.
    Please remember… the health of wild herbs depends on responsible harvesting, over harvesting and the destruction of natural habitat are the main causes of depletion and in many cases overharvesting has completely wiped out certain species. If you choose to harvest in an area where the herb is scarce consider harvesting seeds and growing them instead of taking the plant. Just a few ideas.

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