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In here you will find a vast media center in which is reference based.   The basis of the orientation is listed in order of importance in regards to bushcraft, survival and ending with Off The Grid self reliance.  Within each heading is an athenaeum* completely dedicated to its topic, this makes our library resourceful and efficient.  It’s easy to use and when looking for key information you can find it here by simply clicking the attached link. Each video topic has an explanation of what you’ll find in that segment.  Videos will be added weekly to the library therefore it is ever growing with new content and information. We know you’ll love using the Library and as you’re learning, we hope you share this information with everyone!!

~ Athenaeum* (ath-uhneeuh-m) an institution or practice for the promotion of literary or scientific learning..

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kaz vs wild the 100 most important things 2015 editionThe Video Library
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Kaz vs Wild Survival Water & PurificationSurvival Water & Purification
Water is the essence of all life, without it all things die.
Find out how to attain good, clean water for drinking and cooking during a SHTF situation.


Kaz vs Wild Survival Foods, Plants, Drinks & MORESurvival Foods, Plants, Drinks & MORE
Why is the Dandelion the most sought after weed??
There are many uses for weeds, flowers and plants including making tea, medicine, also eating them.

Kaz vs Wild Survival Cooking & MealsSurvival Cooking & Meals
A good warm meal can calm you down and buy you time to think.
Cooking meals during a crisis isn’t going to be an easy task, however having food preps can certainly help in a SHTF situation.


Kaz vs Wild Survival Fire Applications And TacticsSurvival Fire Applications & Tactics
The incandescent aura of this element tells you it is alive and well.
The many facets of this tool will play an important roll in you surviving the crisis at hand. Learn how to make and build it quickly.


Kaz vs Wild Survival Dwellings And SheltersSurvival Dwellings & Shelters
Without a shelter your chances of surviving are greatly reduced.
Learn from survivalist around the world on how to build a great shelter and with different materials as well.


Kaz vs Wild Survival Supplies, Bug Out Bags & ToolsSurvival Supplies, Bug Out Bags & Tool
Without supplies you’re probably not going to last very long.
Maybe you’re new to bushcraft, prepping and survival, or perhaps a seasoned survivalist. Regardless of your expertise this is a great resource for BOB’s.


Kaz vs Wild Survival Armament & GearSurvival Armament & Gear
What is your number one zombie weapon of choice??
Whether it for self defense, survival or the zombie apocalypse, in here you’ll learn about all types of weapons, gear and reviews too!!


Kaz vs Wild Survival Medicine First Aid & MORESurvival Medicine, First Aid & MORE
Staying healthy and injury free will be important during SHTF!!
Allergies, colds, nausea, pulled muscles and severe wounds may happen when you’re bugging out. Learn how to treat these ailments on the fly


Kaz vs Wild Fish Hunt Trap HarvestFish – Hunt – Trap – Harvest
Hunting will be a huge part of survival during a long term SHTF event.
If you’ve never hunted before let be the first to tell ya, you better get out there and practice. It’s not as easy as it looks on the wide screen.


Kaz vs Wild Gardens, Farming & Self RelianceGardens, Farming & Self Reliance
It seems farmers are less dependent on the power grid for survival.
Farmers may indeed have a leg up during a SHTF situation. This is a huge advantage and you can find great information about that advantage in here.


Kaz vs Wild Get Out of the CityGET OUT of the CITY
The Big City is no place to be during a SHTF crisis!!
Avoid being trapped in a Big City and get out now. Here is a perspective of how others have already left the city life.


Kaz vs Wild Off Grid LivingOff Grid Living & Homesteading
Being dependent upon yourself is a great way to live.
Learn and see how these people set up their off grid homesteads.
Find out how they went from city life to off grid living.


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