1. Holywalker

    I love this guy’s videos. The ultimate in “bare-bones” survival. The fact that he doesn’t stand around talking makes the information more accessible to people of any language. I think this is where every survival course should start. If you know how to procure shelter, water, fire, food, and tools starting with nothing but what you can find… you will always be prepared. Maybe Kaz could do a remake of this in a less “tropical” environment?

  2. Holywalker

    When my friend and i planned a 6 week through-hike on the Appalachian Trail, I chose the Sawyer Products 3-Way Inline Water Filter, along with a Platypus Big Zip 3 liter Reservoir for the “dirty” water. The large opening at the top of the Big Zip made it easy to fill with water from any stream, spring, pond, or even a faucet and the thick plastic strap made it easy to hang from a branch or nail at one of the shelters. Then the water is gravity-fed to our individual Platypus reservoirs and when we knew it would be awhile before we crossed another stream or spring i would fill the “dirty” bottle for filtering later. A note on the Appalachian Trail, springs or streams are not hard to come by and is usually clean enough to not need filtration, but we always filtered “just it case”. Also the Sawyer filters have a “million gallon” filer rating so i’ll probably never need another filter.

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    One of the best books for wild edibles and medicinals is the Peterson Guides..also in your area you can go to your local horticultural research centers and they will have a list of the wild herbs found in your region or state. These list are very helpful in determining the area in which the herbs can be found. If you are unable to identify a plant the local HRC can help with identification. University’s are also very helpful. This is usually free information. Getting in touch with a local herb club is also a plus.
    Please remember… the health of wild herbs depends on responsible harvesting, over harvesting and the destruction of natural habitat are the main causes of depletion and in many cases overharvesting has completely wiped out certain species. If you choose to harvest in an area where the herb is scarce consider harvesting seeds and growing them instead of taking the plant. Just a few ideas.

  4. TCT Radio part of the Awake Radio Network

    So many insights and wisdom… baking soda is indeed an excellent defense against a multitude of dis ease. A very wise elder, I also like her wisdoms regarding the community, each doing what they can, for the benefit of each other.

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