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Kaz vs Wild Season 7!!

WOW!!  It’s has now been 7 years of Survival Camp!!

A BIG thanks to those who came out into the woods with us this year!! Survival camp was a Success this year!!  Look forward to the videos, coming soon!!



 At Kaz vs Wild Survival Camp, we empower and encourage attendees to engage an active role in participation of the camp. By engaging, it creates an enjoyable atmosphere conducive to positive social interaction. Through this active participation, we feel a greater connection to and responsibility for our families, friends, and communities. As friends, we anticipate no interaction difficulties, and as survivalists as a whole, we are rational and responsible adults. During a crisis, with our friendships and survival skills, we can come together, as a community.

Participation is a capacity that promotes vigor, resilience, confidence, and determination. As with all important life capacities, participation develops through a combination of social supports and individual initiative. Bystanders observe, but do not participate. If you do not participate, you will not learn how to do it. Be proactive, participate, and come prepared to learn and grow. Remember, this is survival camp; that means no running water, electricity, natural gas, or propane. The main idea is to live out of your bug out bag.

The direction of survival camp is to educate people as individuals and in group settings. To learn how to adapt to unfamiliar and uncomfortable surroundings and how to utilize tools found in nature. To reinforce current strengths and build up one’s weaknesses by offering hands on training and being in the element of the forest. This environment provides the best possible scenario for survival and bushcraft training. These skill sets are paramount in the onset and duration of a crisis. Survival and bushcraft skill sets are perishable, if not practiced upon routinely; skill set proficiency is reduced over time.

At survival camp, we start teaching and learning the minute we get there. From the first thing we do till the last moment of our last day, there is plenty to learn. Even the most experienced bushcrafters and survivalists are welcome to join us. Kaz vs Wild Survival Camp is built with community in mind. Therefore, if you have something to share, or would like to teach a survival class, let us know. Our camp motto is, and always will be: Where Training, Teaching, and Survival is About Community.



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Here is a brief overview of what we learned at Kaz vs Wild Season 6 last year!!



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