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If there’s one thing that stands out at Kaz vs Wild it would be our dedication to community.  Since day one I’ve stressed just how important community is going to be.  When Kaz vs Wild started in 2009 I went alone into the woods and took it upon myself to figure out how to survive.
Was it challenging by myself??  ABSOLUTELY!!  Even though it was challenging and a bit scary, I couldn’t image how hard it would be during a “Real Crisis”.

Kaz vs WIld Season 8 Information (Coming soon)
This season will be our 8th year in the forest!! I am so excited to be having this event again this year. As years in the past we want to make it clear this is a survival camp, not a vacation camp ground. What we’re looking to achieve is a survival type camp that doesn’t include all the fancy camping things that make life at home simple. In camps past people have shown up with supply totes and folding tables; these items will never be found in your Bug Out Bag!! The idea behind this Survival Camp is just that, how to survive with the bare necessities. So don’t bring items that you wouldn’t find in your BOB or EDC bag. Some people bring folding chairs yet I feel those are too something that won’t be found in your bag. Last year we did some great bushcrafting projects and camp was so amazing. I was so proud of the things we achieved last season at Kaz vs Wild. I’m really looking forward to surpassing last years projects!!

Here is the location of Frankfort Michigan along with some breathtaking images of the bay and surrounding area!!
Frankfort 1Frankfort road mapPoint Betsie LighthouseFrankfort 3Frankfort 2
Frankfort is a city in Benzie County in Michigan. The population was 1,286 at the 2010 census. The elevation of Frankfort is 600 ft (180 m) above sea level. The city is situated with Lake Michigan to the west, Lake Betsie, formed by the Betsie River before flowing into Lake Michigan, on the south and Crystal Lake Township to the north and east. The city is on M-22 just north of Elberta. M-115 has its western terminus in the city. The Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse is at the end of the northern breakwater in Lake Michigan.


Below is my personal footage of survival videos from the Kaz vs Wild Survival Camp.  Feel free to take an in-depth look at these videos.  These videos are for everyone to view. From the person who’s just thinking about getting started to the expert, I feel my videos can help everyone in their preparedness and survival journey. 


Kaz vs Wild Season 6
Here is the link to the Kaz vs Wild Season 6 playlist found on our YouTube Page!!
We are working on the available footage to make videos.



Kaz vs Wild Season 5
Click the link below to view the full season or click on the highlighted videos!!
Kaz vs Wild 5 Bushcraft Projects And TrainingKaz vs Wild 5 Base Camp and Camp Fire



Kaz vs Wild Season 4
Click the link below to view the full season or click on the highlighted videos!!

Kaz vs Wild 4 CourtneyKaz vs Wild Canned Salmon


Kaz vs Wild Season 3
Click the link below to view the full season or click on the highlighted videos!!
Kaz vs Wild Wild Edibles
Kaz vs Wild Survival Oven



Kaz vs Wild Season 2
Click the link below to view the full season or click on the highlighted videos!!

Deer at Kaz vs Wild 2Snapshot 6 (3-26-2013 1-49 PM) 6 adj



Kaz vs Wild Season 1
Click the link below to view the full season or click on the highlighted videos!!
Kaz vs Wild Survival CampSurvival Ground Fire 3


SAFETY IS A MUST at Kaz vs Wild!! I’ve been practicing in these local forests for over 6 years and have fished the entire area for more than 20 years. When at camp we have guidelines that must be followed when we practice, along with arms training and the like. We empower and encourage attendees to assume an active role in the participation of the camp thus creating an enjoyable atmosphere conducive to positive social interaction. We anticipate no difficulties, as our members as a whole, are rational and responsible adults. However, we reserve the right to remove any attendee from the area, grounds and/or immediate camp location for any reason deemed unsafe or harmful to others. I have emergency packs in case of severe accidental wounds and we are several minutes from the local town.

Event Clean Up: The expectation is the facility, forest or grounds used for the event will be left in the same condition as it was found. At the end of the event, everyone who attends the camp is responsible for their belongings and mess. They are also responsible for making sure that all remaining trash is put in its appropriate receptacle and properly and lawfully disposed of. Any structures build when using materials from the forest may remain if the said structures do not hinder the area or immediate grounds and/or wildlife.

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