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What Makes us so unique, and why are we different than all the other survival websites?

Maybe it’s our Community First Attitude!!  Ever since I’ve been practicing bushcraft and survival I’ve always said how important community is going to be when Stuff Hit’s The Fan. We need to support one another now, so when times of strife and struggle arrive we know who’ll be on our support team. We’re not looking for a hand out, we’re offering a hand up. That is exactly what a community does when it comes together, lifts everyone up!!i


 Kelly and I will be at The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo (GLEPE)! It’s a great place to meet us, awesome vendors, and like-minded people in the Prepping, Survival, and Bushcraft Community! We will be attending, and I will be speaking at the Expo, along with many other great speakers. This is a great show for everyone, including your wife and family!


The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo (GLEPE) is the leading emergency
preparedness convention in the Midwest.

GLEPE attendees will learn about preparing a 72-hour kit, food storage, and water purification. Other vendors will provide
tips and information about first aid, gardening, pet care preparedness, radio communications,
cooking, and heat, light, and fuel options.

Numerous training classes, presentations, and demonstrations encompassing the prepping, self-reliance, and emergency management industries will make the Expo a one of its kind event for both attendees and exhibitors.

When and Where:  Birch Run, MI Saturday, September 30, 2017 9:00pm – 5:00PM
Birch Run Expo Center 11600 North Beyer Rd. Birch Run, MI 48415


Is Kaz vs Wild more than just a bushcraft, survival and community website?

YES!!  Kaz vs Wild should be considered a solid resource of knowledge and information. Besides our multiple
tabs to select from, our Library alone covers a wide range of bushcraft and survival topics leading up to self
sustainability and Off The Grid living. Here we offer everything from the basics of bushcraft to the advanced
areas of self reliance and all levels of experience in between.
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Just what is the Kaz vs Wild Survival Camp??

I’m glad you asked!!  Kaz vs Wild is 8 days with 7 nights of bushcraft and survival training. We try to make it as close to a survival situation as possible, short of a real event. We have guidelines that are meant to be followed and we ask those attending to bring their necessities and Bug Out Bag only. This isn’t a RV park by any means. There will be no running water, electricity, natural or propane gas. We do however purify water on site and are able to use solar panels if you have one, when power is needed. You may use any survival tools that you may have and could be to your an advantage over some of the others there. Sharing is one of our guidelines, that goes hand in hand with our community setting that we strive for. Come on out and join us in the thick forests of Michigan. Our next survival camp is coming up in September of this year. Click the link above Survival Camp to find out more information about Kaz vs Wild.

Are women welcome at the Kaz vs Wild Survival Camp?

“Educate a boy, and you educate an individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a community.”
― Adelaide Hoodless

Survival practice isn’t just for men, the ladies play a BIG role in the scheme of things.  The last 2 seasons at survival camp we’ve had women out there in the forest with us.  We are looking to continue that trend and you can help us do that.  Men and women think differently, we all know that. However having an extra set of eyes on a situation can bring forth added input and aid decision making.  Besides, the ladies need to know this stuff just as well.  It’s important that you train as a team and individuals to know how to survive when Stuff Hits The Fan.

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I’m good at some things and perhaps your strengths are different than mine.

Everyone brings something different to survival camp. This is what makes our survival camp just a little different than the rest. We have an “Open Mind” concept when training and teaching at survival camp. What is the advantage to this approach? Well, that’s easy!!  With an open minded approach or open dialog no one feels intimidated or browbeaten. At survival camp, we take all ideas and suggestions into account, then discuss the reasons why they may or may not be a good way to apply them to the task in front of the group. However, by understanding what each person’s challenges are, one may not be able to acclimate themselves to what is being taught. Therefore, having more than 1 way of doing something is an added advantage. The ultimate key in survival is to achieve the same end result, even if it means for some, a different path to that achievement.

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Is the Kaz vs WIld Survival Camp a SAFE PLACE to practice?

YES!!  SAFETY IS A MUST at Kaz vs Wild!!  I’ve been practicing in these local forests for over 7 years and have fished the entire area for more than 20 years.  When at camp we have guidelines that must be followed when we practice, along with arms training and the like.  We empower and encourage attendees to assume an active role in the participation of the camp thus creating an enjoyable atmosphere conducive to positive social interaction. We anticipate no difficulties, as our members as a whole, are rational and responsible adults.   However,  we reserve the right to remove any attendee from the area, grounds and/or immediate camp location for any reason deemed unsafe or harmful to others. I have emergency packs in case of severe accidental wounds and we are several minutes from the local town.  For more safety and camp guidelines please click the link Survival Camp there you will find more safety and community guidelines for everyone to read and follow.
Safety is no laughing matter at Kaz vs WIld.

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